Its indeed a great experience so far working at ETLI, which is a startup. It is a journey full of experiences of all kind and I am getting to know how to professionally survive in the market and one day may be I will be successful in holding its nerves and veins. I, being a confused person about which domain to apply and go for, ETLI is helping me out with it. Being a startup, it is giving me the scope to test myself in every field and find my compatibility. My every suggestion is taken sincerely and it is heard with utmost diligence which gives the sense of acknowledgement. It allows me to be creative, experimental, and think out of box ways. I am learning so much in such a short period of time, and having only highly motivat-ed and driven people around me is very energizing. It keeps me going forward. There are people with a do-er mentality in the firm. And being lucky to work at such a place is helping me grow more into somebody like that. I do not feel any kind of segregation or hierarchy in the firm. Another thing I love about the company is how open it is about everything. We have weekly meetings, which is the most fun part about the internship in ETLI. The meet-ings surely includes the important discussions about the tasks to be performed and progress we have made till date, but it also includes the fun activities that refreshes our minds and helps us develop ideas in a better way. Our team culture is great! Everybody is very close, and we frequently go out on happy hours to favorite cafes. I am looking forward to much more learning and fun in the company.

— Alankrita Shah

An account of my first experience in the world of work at the age of nineteen with ETLI. The ability to stand your ground and deliver in the fundamental premise for which you stand is quintessential to build a career. It was tested when I joined ETLI. Everyday is a challenging day, Every day is an amazing experience. I am pushed beyond what I thought was the limit of my creativity.I find myself in the midst of a small group of people who are trying to change the world and find success in the process. There is no one job to do, there’s a million hats to wear. This is the reward in growing my career and learning new skills which I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. The coolest part of ETLI is the open culture and transparency between the members. I hope it could be only the beginning of a lot more.

— Lisma Jena

“It’s HIGH time, I should get started doing something, anything that would keep me busy and somewhat add to my resume.” This was how I had my future planned just before joining ETLI. ETLI was a spur of the moment, unplanned and unpredictable which just came barging in and gave a new direction to my monotonous life.
Working at a startup, I had the opportunity of exposure. I handled real time challenges under expert guidance, provided my own ideas and learnt a lot over a short period of time. I did a little bit of everything, took my time and discovered where my interests and talents lied. Even then I was allowed to radically change direction and try out something new. My ideas were heard and considered. At the end of the day I knew my mistakes and learnt from them. Life was exciting as never before. I was constantly thinking of, accepting and applying new ideas for growth. Dynamic work kept me and my thoughts engaged. The atmosphere supported learning, personal dynamic growth, hard work along with fun and socializing and of course, there were all the parties.

— Swasti