1. What’s the structure of the class and method of teaching?

Ans:  It’s a local classroom setup which will have video conferencing capability to bring instructors/guest speakers and facilitate face-to-face interaction between students and instructors.  The instructors are either from USA/UK/India.  The foreign instructors are sometimes available onsite.  It’s a unique hybrid model of teaching

2. How do I make up if I miss a class?

Ans:  Classroom sessions are recorded, so that students will have the opportunity to play it back if they miss the class.

3. How is this method better than the current classroom?

Ans:  This model allows ETLI to get world’s best instructors from USA and UK to various locations of India.

4. Does ETLI have programs offered for school kids?

Ans Yes, we offer summer and week end programs for school students from 6th to 12th grade.  Exception applies for kids who would like to accompany his/her sibling or maturity level.

5. What is the program cost?

Ans:  The Program cost is reflected on respective pages.  Check for updates and special offers.

6. Do we have group discounts?

Ans: Yes, please visit contact us page, someone will get back to you at the earliest.

7. What’s the payment process?

Ans: We accept cash, check, demand draft, credit and debit card.  Once, you pick your course either you could register online or contact us via email.  We will help you complete the registration process.

8. Do we have a payment plan?

Ans:  Yes, please contact us to learn details about the installment plan.

9. Does ETLI provide scholarship for students having financial hardship?

Ans: We could discount the fees structure for the right candidate.  We encourage motivated and passionate students. Please contact us for details.

10. How do I apply to a program?

Ans:  Complete the online application available on the registration page or contact us . 

11. Is there an application fee?

Ans:  There is no fee for applying to an ETLI program. 

12. What are your admissions requirements?

Ans:  To ensure a rich learning experience for all participants, admission to ETLI is selective.  We need serious, motivated participants who are keen to succeed.   For most programs, the basic English knowledge is required.

The courses at ETLI are designed to help you achieve the goal. The courses are customized for each group.

13. Is the payment refundable?

Ans:  Please read Cancellation and Refund Policy.