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Why Big Data and Soft Skills?

Big Data is One Of the Biggest Buzzwords today across all industries. Your awesome career in Big Data related Data Science starts here at ETLI. This data-driven, decision-making culture is heavily used by Amazon, Face Book (FB), Google, White house, and PM Modi’s office. ETLI courses will help you to learn how to analyze big data to gain insights at a lower level, develop new strategies, and cultivate actionable business in-telligence in areas such as product design, marketing, banking, medicine, and finance.


Its indeed a great experience so far working at ETLI, which is a startup. It is a journey full of experiences and ETLI is helping me out with it […]

— Alankrita

The coolest part of ETLI is the open culture and transparency between the members. I hope it could be only the beginning of a lot more […]

— Lisma

ETLI was a spur of the moment, unplanned and unpredictable which just came barging in and gave a new direction to my monotonous life […]

— Swasti